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What is the Telmate Heroes Program?

How are Telmate Heroes nominated?

Our goal is to nominate Telmate super users who utilize our technology in heroic ways. They could be advocates of safety, solving crime, or whatever it may be that helps them run their facility more efficiently, securely and safely.

To nominate a hero, you must answer the following three questions:

  1. How is the individual using Telmate technology solutions in heroic ways?
  2. How is Telmate technology helping this individual accomplish their mission?
  3. How is the individual using Telmate technology to advocate facility safety, solve crimes or keep their community safe?

How are Telmate Heroes recognized?

Once the selected nominee has accepted, they are presented a Telmate Heroes Award, and if desired, Telmate will work with the facility on a variety of press opportunities; from an award ceremony at the facility, to distributing a formal release to the local media.

All press efforts (with the exception of a hero press release) are optional and at the discretion of the awarded hero and their facility. Additionally, Telmate may hold an optional annual Telmate Heroes event to honor all recipients in that given year. All recipients are invited and will have the opportunity to participate in the optional event if desired.

What is required of the Telmate Hero and/or Facility?

Nothing is formally required of the Telmate Hero and/or facility. As mentioned above, when appropriate we like to honor these great heroes in the local media, but anything beyond simply receiving the award is optional.

Our Telmate Heroes

Jailer Barry HarmonMartin ChnupaChris GooteeCorporal Willie CarrollSergeant Gary GrunewaldMike RaczkowskiJeremy LantierMatt FigueroaLarry KlusmeyerSteve LuceKelley MortonKeith HallJake SchultzBarry BradyLarry AmersonMark CowleyTim HoganJeff PremoJamie Harris receives Telmate Hero awardDoug HughesShelli HoneywellMike Anderson

Nominate a Hero

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