Our Mission

Our Principles

  • Connect loved ones to inmates which reduces recidivism and increases safety within the facility.

  • Protect our community with powerful verification and investigative tools.

  • Serve our community by increasing the physical safety and improving the effectiveness of correctional facilities.

  • Improve mental health with online education, legal, social and spiritual resources for inmates.

  • Encourage personal responsibility by giving inmates the tools to be self-reliant.

  • Demonstrate financial responsibility by ensuring that no cost is passed on to the general public.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Starting at the top and all the way through our company, each employee is committed to delivering the following:

Our customers have a choice, and how we perform and what we deliver determines whether they choose us and stay with us. We aim high, deliver results, and use customer feedback to readjust when necessary. We move quickly and make timely decisions because our future depends on them. We invest in our facility customers and make a difference in the lives of our customer’s communities.

We are a company driven by ideas and committed to doing more research and development than anyone else in the corrections sector. We are redefining how inmates communicate with the outside and providing a communications platform to help people stay connected.

Successful businesses improve the human condition, even the often overlooked human condition of inmates. We are committed to responsibly providing inmates fair-priced communications technology to help them connect with the outside world, all with a view to reducing recidivism. We also have a responsibility to help our facility customers increase security, control, and operational efficiencies and help protect the local communities they serve.

Our employees’ ideas and inspiration create limitless opportunities. We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do, as a company and as individuals. We support the exchange of ideas and of taking well thought-out risks, to experiment, to cooperate with each other and, always, to learn from the consequences of our actions.

We are a results-driven organization with agile but realistic targets for ourselves and our partners, whatever the challenge. We take every opportunity to consistently deliver what we promise. We are a company of well-balanced optimists, and we project that DNA in everything we do.

Our History

Telmate was founded in 1998 and started its journey as inmate technology experts under the name Pinnacle Public Services. At the time, Pinnacle was providing excellent service and installation to the leading inmate communications solution providers throughout the Northwest. It was through this experience that we recognized a need in the industry for a superior inmate communications solution; one that provides facilities with uncompromising reliability, cutting-edge technology and security, coupled with prompt customer service and repair. Telmate’s innovative solutions not only improve operational efficiencies, but also cater to the changing needs of the corrections sector. Telmate provides services to facilities of all sizes, ranging from holding cells, city jails, county correctional facilities, state DOCs and federal detention centers. Our largest account houses over 18,000 inmates. Telmate is deployed in over 300 correctional facilities in North America spanning nearly all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Because of our innovations in inmate phone, video, tablet, and offender tracking solutions, Telmate has been recognized as a leading inmate telecom provider in North America. Unlike our competitors, our growth has been entirely organic and a result of the close relationships we foster with our customers. They alone are the best evidence we’re doing the right thing; it is through them that we get the majority of our new customers. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

Telmate, LLC, Telephone Communications, San Francisco, CA