Corrections Supervisor Recognized for Leveraging Technology to Improve Staff Safety

ROCK COUNTY, WI – MAY 5, 2015 – For over two decades, Rock County resident and local hero Larry Klusmeyer has dedicated his life to helping others succeed. Whether during his tenure serving in the U.S. Marines, or in his current role as Corrections Supervisor in the Rock County jail, he has put his staff and their safety first.

Since 2006, Klusmeyer has partnered with Telmate, one of the fastest growing inmate communications systems in North America. Rock County’s jail technology is powered by Telmate, including the facility’s recent addition of wireless inmate tablets. Telmate’s other core products are an inmate phone system, video visits, end-to-end cash management system, custom corrections-grade hardware, and a new smartphone-based GPS monitoring solution for probation and parole.

According to Klusmeyer, his staff “run non-stop” when they get to work, moving inmates from one pod to another. But by leveraging Telmate technology, this burden is greatly reduced and he can optimize his staff’s time so they can focus on facility security and control. “Telmate’s video visits has helped to increase the security of our facility because of the decreased inmate movement,” Klusmeyer said, “and as an added bonus it makes it easier for friends and family to connect.”

“Video visits help reduce the passing of contraband in facilities because there’s less physical exchange and movement, but it’s also a great benefit for inmates and their families,” explained Telmate Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen. “Video visits give friends and family options, especially those who cannot logistically or financially make it to the facility. The technology increases access by eliminating travel requirements and typically improves accessibility by extending visitation hours.”

A family man himself, Klusmeyer understands the importance of such vital familial connections. “A happy person creates happy inmates, and this means less behavior problem in the facilities,” he said.

Klusmeyer lives in Wisconsin and is a proud father of two daughters. When he’s not busy working at the jail, he enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time at his cabin. When asked who his hero is, Klusmeyer said: “My staff are the real heroes… they put their lives on the line for the safety of our jail and the communities we serve.”

Each month, Telmate receives nominations from their 300+ facilities in recognition of the true heroes in corrections that use the company’s technology, day in and day out. Telmate recognizes these heroes by selecting and honoring one Hero of the Month for their dedication and leadership.

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