A Positive Force to Lake County Community, Assistant Warden is Named Telmate’s Hero of the Month

Telmate recognizes Lake County Assistant Warden Tim Hogan as September Hero of the Month for his positive influence at the Lake County jail as well as its surrounding communities. Hogan’s deep passion for helping others is evident in his 29 years of public service. According to the September Hero, what’s most important is the safety of his facility as well as the inmates.

Hogan also strongly believes in the power of inmate technology and its positive effects. “When you are employed in a jail, these inmates are all innocent until proven guilty. We are not the judge, we are the protectors,” he said.

A few months ago, Telmate launched its state-of-the-art secure tablet device into the county facility, which allows inmates to communicate with their friends and family. The Telmate Tablet transforms an inmate’s day from “wasted time” to “productive time” and offers inmates the opportunity to send secure messages and photos as well as learn self-improvement skills through continuing education, job skill training, addiction counseling, and more.

Hogan reported a noticeable increase in positive inmate behavior since the jail embraced this new technology. “When we provided inmates tools like hair clippers and mops, they all got broken. But with the Telmate Tablet, it’s a different story. Inmates see the value and they don’t jeopardize it because they don’t want it taken away from them.”

According to Telmate Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hansen, the new features available on the tablet have resulted in a more productive use of inmate time and a positive impact on facility safety. “Whether used for idle entertainment or structured learning, an engaged inmate results in the lowering of violence among inmates and against facility staff.” And Telmate reports that other facilities with tablets concur; they report a reduction of inmate-to-staff violence due to occupying inmates  idle time and the decrease in moving inmates in and out of pods.

In addition to the Telmate Tablet, Hogan is a big proponent of Telmate Investigator Tools. “The ability of Telmate’s technology to track phone conversations and video visits is a godsend because it allows us to connect people to crime and evidence,” Hogan says, “Before Telmate came along, it could take days and weeks to get and share this information.”

Hogan grew up with an enormous respect for the men and women of law enforcement. His parents taught him early on that helping others and making a difference in other people’s lives is the best legacy you can leave your community.

When Hogan is not busy keeping his facility and resident inmates safe, he is hard at work being a positive influence on the youth of Lake County. He coaches middle school football, basketball and track.