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From Boy Scout to Jail Administrator, Local Hero Prepares for the Future of Corrections Technology

He’s been an Eagle Scout, served in the Marines and been a police officer. Throughout his life, Kitsap County’s Support Sergeant and Telmate Hero of the Month, Keith Hall has embodied the essence of public service and preparedness.

Hall has worked with Telmate for the last 8 years, and watched as Kitsap County’s inmate technology has evolved from its early adoption of inmate phones, to video visits and more recently, the addition of inmate tablets. These cutting-edge Telmate Tablets provides a number of features that benefit both correctional officers and inmates — all at no cost to taxpayers.

Telmate Tablets provide inmates secure access to photos and messages from friends and family as well as access to approved news, music and entertainment. “When inmates are idle, negative behaviours increase,” Hall said, “but with the Telmate Tablet they are more well behaved.”

Additionally, the tablet also offers tremendous benefit to staff by automating and improving repetitive, high-cost administrative tasks. According to Hall, the tablets have allowed them to go paperless while significantly enhancing their ability to respond to grievances in a timely fashion, while reducing staff time and cost.

When we asked the local hero what’s next for him and he replied, “I just want to lay the foundation and develop the right tools for our corrections staff, preparing for the next generation to come.”

Each month Telmate receives nominations from their 300+ facilities in recognition of the true heroes in corrections that use the company’s technology, day in and day out. Once every month, Telmate recognizes these heros by selecting one Hero of the Month to honor for their dedication and leadership.

Telmate’s Hero Program tells stories from the perspective of the everyday hero, according to Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hansen. “As a company, Telmate represents empowerment, trust and technology,” he said, “and this program shows how we empower heroes to provide safety and control in the facilities they serve.”