Local Lake County Hero Revives 20-Year Cold Case with New Telmate Investigator Technology

Local Lake County hero recently lead investigators to an anonymous tip for a cold case homicide that occurred almost 20 years ago. Thanks in part to modern investigation technology and tenacious leadership of Telmate’s Hero of the Month, Lake County Police Department Detective Sergeant Jamie Harris.

Originally from Hobart, Indiana, Harris has been in law enforcement for over 15 years and has assumed many roles ranging from Patrol Officer, Drug Enforcement Task Force Officer, Auto Theft Detective, United States Marshal Task Force Officer, Gang Intelligence Supervisor and now heads up the Criminal Intelligence Unit.

Harris is a strong proponent of Telmate’s Investigator Technology and believes it is the future of law enforcement. “Telmate technology allows us to think outside the box,” Harris says, “giving us intimate knowledge during investigations.”

Telmate’s investigator toolkit is a powerful, technologically-advanced suite of tools that provides actionable intelligence helping law enforcement to prevent and solve crime. Among its features include call pattern analysis, relationship analysis, call detection, as well as voice and image biometrics.

According to Telmate, correctional facilities armed with this technology can instantly analyze an inmate’s personal networks and gain unprecedented crime fighting intelligence. A few months ago, Harris did just that.

On April 24, 2014, Harris reported an interview he conducted with an inmate at the Lake County Detective Bureau. Utilizing Telmate technology, the inmate left an anonymous tip regarding criminal activity by a convicted murderer currently being held in the Department of Corrections. During the interview, the inmate stated that he had information regarding a “cold case” that occurred almost 20 years ago. The Bureau is currently working this case and anticipate the execution of an Indiana State Search warrant, where the victim’s body is believed to have been buried.

According to Harris, this investigation would not have taken place without Telmate. “This invaluable tool has the power to considerably enhance investigations from every law enforcement agency in this country,” he added. “If you are a policeman and you’re not using it, you are behind the times.”