Telmate Hero Utilizes Telmate Investigator to Give Allegan County a Premium Law Enforcement Advantage

APRIL 22, 2016 HILLSBORO, MI – Telmate Hero, Captain Michael Larsen, and his team of dedicated detectives at the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office, regularly rely on the cutting-edge technology of Telmate Investigator, a suite of investigator tools integrated with the Allegan County jail to manage, strategize and attack daily crime-solving.

The 22-year officer and military veteran has always been drawn to protecting the lives of others. In his current role as captain, he supervises the Allegan County Detective Bureau, on top of managing his own burgeoning caseload. As a result, it’s crucial that his team’s tools are “simple, quick and easy” so they can spend less time searching for information and tips, and more time making accurate decisions when solving and preventing crime.

Telmate fits the bill for us,” said Larsen. “My detectives start every single day by catching up on Telmate because it builds the rest of their day and gives them shortcuts on how they go about a case.”

Allegan County Jail partnered with Telmate a year and a half ago when they needed to upgrade their inmate communications solution. The advantage for Larsen and his team was that the new jail phone system came with Telmate Investigator. “Changing a complete suite of investigator tools can be overwhelming,” Larsen admitted, “but with Telmate it was a really quick transition for the entire detective bureau. The immediate enhancements were like going from the Wright brothers to Neil Armstrong.”

One of the strongest benefits Larsen and his team gain is the ability to retrieve information from the inmate’s first person point of view, which is why they spend so much of their time monitoring phone calls and video visits on the Telmate system. They also benefit from the Connections Tool that automatically builds a network of users and actions associated with an inmate. Now, at a glance an investigator can know exactly who the inmate is connected with, and what actions like calls, visits, messages or deposits are connecting them. With Telmate Investigator, it takes detectives just minutes to look up an individual, listen to their calls and know their friends and family, affiliates, enemies and co-conspirators. “We can find a wealth of information about the inmate, which gives our detective staff the ability to quickly reference and build rich profiles and better strategies to keep our community safe.”

Larsen believes empowering his team of detectives with cutting-edge technology not only ensures their own success but also gives Allegan County citizens a premium law enforcement service. In his words, “Everybody wins.”

The Telmate vision is to create secure inmate communications technology that empower inmates to break the cycle of recidivism, while protecting and serving our facilities and their communities. And this is why Telmate is honored to award our most recent Hero award to Captain Larsen, who delivers on the Telmate vision with his commitment to working tirelessly and efficiently to protect and serve his community and help present strong cases that ensure just punishment.

Telmate continuously receives nominations in recognition of heroes just like Larsen, who use the company’s technology, day in and day out. Telmate recognizes these individuals by selecting and honoring these heroes for their dedication and leadership.

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