IMG_4089Executive Director of Indiana Sheriff’s Association Named Telmate Hero of the Month

APRIL 1, 2015 -INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Retired Sheriff and Executive Director of the Indiana Sheriff’s Association, Steve Luce, was named Telmate’s April Hero of the Month.

Luce has been a public servant for over 30 years. “Public service is being a part of a community and being there for each other to support a team,” said Luce, whose core values about strong community commitment were shaped early on, as an athlete playing football, baseball and hockey.

In the role of the executive director, Luce’s mission is to protect the Office of the Sheriff, not only in Indiana but all over the country. Luce is proud to be part of a Sheriff’s office that encompasses so much history, as well as being the highest chief law enforcement in the county. “Not only do we provide public service for citizens, we also service courts and offenders and are often the middle person when it comes to education and supporting their families.”

Part of Luce’s job is to find products and services that are going to be of value to the Sheriff’s office, such as streamlining operations and creating objective classification in jail. Partnering with Telmate has allowed Luce to provide sheriffs with resources to help them do their job effectively using technology. “The biggest liability for a sheriff is the jail,” added Luce, “and if you can wrap it with technology, it helps our sheriffs educate offenders, and provides our investigators the resources they need.”

“It’s connecting outside and inside the jail, helping identify those who would be a threat to the jail and therefore creating an overall good picture,” Luce said.

Each month, Telmate receives nominations from their 300+ facilities in recognition of the true heroes in corrections that use the company’s technology, day in and day out. Telmate recognizes these heroes by selecting and honoring one Hero of the Month for their dedication and leadership.

According to Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen, Telmate’s Hero program tells stories from the perspective of the everyday hero. “As a company, Telmate represents empowerment, trust and technology and this program shows how we empower our law enforcement and corrections heroes to provide safety and control in the facilities they serve,” said Hansen.