Telmate Technology Paves Way for Corrections Employee’s Soul Work

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Telmate’s Hero of the Month and 20-year corrections veteran Kelley Morton did not seek out a career working in the prison system, but she stayed because of the meaningful nature of the work.

“Working for the Oregon Department of Corrections is soul work. It gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people,” said the Operations Division Policy Manager.

Since 2012, the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) has been using the Telmate platform and according to Morton, it has “springboarded” them to the next century of technology. “Telmate’s one-stop solution for the phones has allowed us to introduce tech to other parts of our organization.”

Using Telmate’s transparent identity verification system known as Telmate Verified, the Department has been able to collect information and intelligence about people who are in and out of incarceration. Telmate Verified is the sturdy backbone of Telmate Investigator; a robust automated identity verification system with the power to stand apart from other systems that only track limited identities and actions.

Morton and her team grant access to Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator to outside jurisdictions and investigations from county sheriff offices, parole operations, and federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations. This partnership has allowed investigators to use the system to listen in on phone calls or video visits from anyone who has been in the database.

“This intelligence has increased our knowledge on who is coming in to our system and who is coming out to the community,” Morton said. From gang-related activities to incriminating recordings of shot-callers, she believes the system has greatly increased investigative capacity for the state of Oregon.

We asked Morton what’s next on her “soul’s work” and she said “my goal is to continue to seek opportunities to forward our business, enhance technology for more efficient operations.”

Each month Telmate receives nominations from their 300+ facilities in recognition of the true heroes in corrections that use the company’s technology, day in and day out. Once every month, Telmate recognizes these heros by selecting one Hero of the Month to honor for their dedication and leadership.

Telmate’s Hero Program tells stories from the perspective of the everyday hero, according to Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hansen. “As a company, Telmate represents empowerment, trust and technology,” he said, “and this program shows how we empower our law enforcement and corrections heroes to provide safety and control in the facilities they serve.”

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