Breaking a tablet isn’t something you ever want to happen. Unless of course, you get to break them on purpose! That was exactly the point of a recent “How to Fix Tablets” class taught to the Boys & Girls Club of Western Treasure Valley on July 1st. Each month, a few enthusiastic, dedicated Telmate employees volunteer their time and teach a small group of B&G kids as part of the “Telmate Cares” community outreach program.

“All the tablets were broken in the same way so everyone was able to follow the step-by-step directions on how to fix them,” explained Telmate’s Call Center Manager, Tim Haus. “We have some very smart kids, and at times they were helping each other which is always nice to see.” Haus led the hour-long class that was taught by Jon Robertson and Spencer Roundtree (both work on the Telmate installation team). The duo worked with the high-tech fledglings on the fundamentals of technology repair — as a way to promote technological prowess and confidence they can carry with them into the future.

Not only were the kids excited to dissect a tablet and discover what’s inside, at the end of the class there was a tablet giveaway and three grateful youngsters walked away with fully “intact” tablets. Game on!

Telmate believes this community initiative helps to reduce recidivism at its core by providing disadvantaged youth with positive resources. Western Treasure Valley Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Matt Sorensen agrees: “The kids benefit from the monthly consistency of a familiar face, plus it helps steer them away from negative teenage pressures.”

Telmate Cares’ mission is to establish a positive brand in the communities we serve, aid in the recruitment of talented employees who want to make a difference, and enhance corporate culture into one that embraces a sense of community.