El Centro, California – The Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce Telmate as the new Inmate Telecommunications provider for the Imperial County Sheriff’s Jail. Telmate brings a wide variety of products and solutions for inmates, friends, and family; Inmate phones, Video Visitation, Messages/Photo sharing, Deposit options, Education, and Paperless grievances and requests.

Monday the 20th marked the first day going live with the new system from Telmate. Video Visitation has been introduced to the jails along with its many benefits: reduction of staff time, increased safety and security, reduction of contraband, elimination of hidden/shielded communication, and face to face unprotected communication, easily monitored by staff at any time. Video visitation offers both onsite video visits and remote visits over the internet via web browser.

Telmate has also installed its tablet devices in the Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facilities and serves inmates through a secured wireless service and detention-safe operating system. This new technology includes a number of features that benefit both the Inmates and Correctional Staff-at no cost to taxpayers. Access to paperless requests and grievances and monitored messaging with friends and family are currently offered on tablets. In the weeks to come, the Sheriff’s Office intends to offer self-improvement, skill training, and educational applications through the tablets to transform “wasted time” into “productive time” for inmates.

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