Telmate allows correctional facilities and inmates benefits via their video visitation system. The system provides a high quality, safe, and convenient alternative to face-to-face visits. Inmates can visit with their loved ones without ever leaving their pod. This provides security for staff, and closes off a key avenue for contraband. Video-only communication ensures that staff members see everything that the inmate sees, which means that an inmate can’t use their body to shield hand signals or written messages from wall mounted cameras. Scheduling can easily be done online, so staff will no longer need to manually schedule visits, thus freeing them up for other tasks. A single web-based application allows staff to review inmate calls, video visits, set alarms, control access, and more from any Internet web browser or smartphone.

Telmate video visits automatically use a proprietary identity verification system called Telmate Verified so staff always know who’s visiting whom. Video visits also incorporate facial biometrics and monitoring, which flag inappropriate behavior such as inmate extortion (passing the visit to someone else) or inappropriate conduct.

Telmate offers three types of video visits: on-site, remotely using personal computer, and remotely using mobile devices. Since so many facilities are remote, friends and family can get immediate and personal communication without hassle and expense of traveling to the facility. Telmate offers friends and family with bilingual customer support 24 hours per day, seven days per week as well as an online help center to answer any questions.

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