Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.17.15 PMSAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2015 – Long gone are the days of indiscreet anklet bracelets and expensive tracking devices thanks to Telmate Guardian: the first innovative, smartphone-based, GPS monitoring solution for community corrections.

Prior means of tracking offenders in community corrections was the use of anklet bracelets, which were expensive and cumbersome, reported early adopter, Tommy D. Payne, President of Intertech Probation, Inc. A Georgia based company, Intertech has been serving Superior Courts, Probate, Magistrate and Municipal Courts since 1995. According to Payne, one of their challenges has been getting more enrollees in the program.

According to Telmate, with Telmate Guardian, the possibility of expanding those programs is enhanced by simplifying it for both user and case manager without compromising enrollee monitoring and control. Compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, the Guardian apprequires no new hardware or equipment for case managers and enrollees, making it a low cost, robust, and easy to use monitoring solution. Guardian offers case managers real-time monitoring, reports, and check-in controls, along with features like voice and facial detection, and geo zones, making it simple to actively pinpoint and supervise enrollees.

Case managers simply set up a new user online and provide a unique PIN to the enrollee. Next, enrollees download the app and sign up. Based on their program, enrollees are prompted to check in by reading a random series of numbers. Voice and facial detection then confirm the check-in as successful. All check-ins are reported and delivered to the case manager, thus adding a new level of human insight as to the state of the client.

“Telmate Guardian is a win/win for community corrections,” said Telmate Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen. “Case managers get a simple, powerful way to add a layer of effective monitoring, and enrollees get a modern, familiar and dignified solution that supports them getting out and staying out.”

Payne agrees. “I know there are options out there, but they do not seem as simple to the user as Guardian,” he said. “Guardian gives us a reliable monitoring device for a fraction of traditional costs while keeping our community safe.”
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