“In the past, it would take days to get information like this, but with Telmate, I can do it on the fly and within minutes connect the dots to a suspect’s accomplices, partners, friends and even enemies. This tool alone has dramatically increased my productivity and improved the effectiveness of our investigations, ultimately providing a safer community.”

Detective Sergeant Jamie Harris, Lake County Sheriffs Office


Investigators can spend hours, days, and even weeks, unearthing clues to an investigation. The appropriate paperwork needs to be filed, vetted and approved. Once approval is met, the search begins. Hundreds of man hours are spent looking for possible ties to an inmate or a crime. Moreover, thousands of dollars are spent holding suspects for questioning. The need for immediate answers becomes ever more important.


A Lake County team of investigators was having trouble locating a female suspect who had 9 active warrants, including child molesting, incest, criminal sexual deviate conduct, and many others. Investigators spent weeks attempting to locate her, even employing the assistance of the Indiana State Police cellular tracking team. They were desperate to find anyone that would have any connection to her.


The investigators sought the assistance of Lake County Detective Sergeant, Jamie Harris who is a superuser of the Telmate system. He immediately conducted an inmate search, ran a person of interest chart, and listened to inmate phone calls. During the calls, he uncovered numerous conversations to the suspect’s father. The next step was for investigators to physically locate and conduct an interview with the suspect. Using Telmate Verified, Harris was able to locate the suspect’s father. U.S. Marshal’s Task Force conducted an interview which yielded positive results leading to the location of the female suspect. The female suspect was located just hours after the information was uncovered.

According to Harris, Telmate allows him to leverage advanced technology, work far more efficiently, and develop strategies in ways that were never before anticipated. Investigators want to solve crimes, protect communities and make the world a better place. “With the Telmate system and its multi-dynamic uses, investigators now have the ability to run more, and increasingly sophisticated investigations — all in real time,” he said.

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