Telmate recruiter, Sheryl Stillman, spent the day teaching students of the Boys & Girls Club of Western Treasure Valley the fundamentals of presenting themselves in the working-world. Each month, several Telmate employees volunteer their time to train a small group of participants as part of the “Telmate Cares” community outreach program.

During the class, Stillman walked the students through simple steps that they can immediately start practicing to prepare themselves for life before and after graduating from high school. The class educated the students on the importance of a first impression, how to portray themselves in the public eye (via social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn) and interviewing success tips from a recruiter’s point-of-view.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the many people who have helped guide me along the way,” Stillman said. “Having any sort of impact on enriching these kids’ confidence is a huge honor to me.”

Since 2012, the inmate communications leader has consistently worked on boosting the morale of the Boys & Girls Club participants. By providing positive resources, Telmate is taking the extra step to help reduce recidivism at its core. Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen, concurs, “We want to do what ever we can to introduce these children to information and opportunities that can empower them to break away from a path that could lead to crime.”

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