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We Connect People, Not Just Phone Numbers

Finding suspects who have a criminal record or warrant is easy, but investigators report the real challenge is finding the often invisible connections — those people who are “off the radar.” While most inmate communication systems track some user identities, Telmate Verified is the only system in corrections that tracks every user and action within the Telmate system, including phone calls, deposits, video visits, messages, and shared photos.

Our investigator tools, called Telmate Investigator, work in tandem with Telmate Verified to aggregate data, turning an inmate’s personal network into usable insights that help investigators connect the dots and unlock unprecedented crime-fighting intelligence. Telmate Verified is a force multiplier giving one investigator the strength and capability of five.

Any Interaction is a Way to Verify

From the initial point of contact to every subsequent interaction, Telmate Verified is automatically building comprehensive user profiles. Each different point of contact into the Telmate system brings more information and continues to fill in a rich data picture for investigators. No matter what action they take, you’ll know exactly who’s interacting with who, every time.

How it Works

Data Collection at Account Creation

With Telmate Verified, information collection begins at account creation. When friends and family of an inmate want to receive calls, deposit funds, leave a voicemail, or schedule a video visit, they must create an account at a facility kiosk, over the phone, or online at At each of these touch points, Telmate Verified harvests information such as: name, date of birth, phone number, address, zip code, and last four of a social security number.

Ongoing Data Gathering

Once a user has created an account and becomes Telmate Verified, additional information is constantly being updated and gathered. For example, if a user takes an action such as making a de- posit or having a visit, or if they use a new credit card, scan a new ID, or have a new photo taken at a kiosk, Telmate Verified automatically adds the information to the user profile, bolstering the individual’s overall data picture.

Data Analysis & Telmate Investigator

Telmate Verified in tandem with Telmate Investigator, our advanced suite of investigator tools, automatically culls data to create relationship networks that uncover links between inmates, friends and family and staff. Utilizing our “Connections” and “Timeline” tools, investigators can move with unprecedented speed and accuracy to identify who, did what, where and with whom.

Telmate Verified is the secret sauce that makes it possible for investigators to strengthen the acuity of their investigations and go light-years farther than previously thought possible. With a database of hundreds of thousands of verified users, investigators can search warrants, flag deposits, unravel gang alliances, thwart extortion and find new evidence to incriminate suspects under investigation.

Better Tools Make Better Investigators

We created Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator, for investigators looking to use the best and most sophisticated set of tools in corrections today.

Our investigative system is the result of rapid and game-changing technology, which has also created a rich data source around criminal human networks that helps investigators to accelerate their investigative timelines.

Telmate is the cutting-edge of the new style of police work. Using Telmate Verified allows investigators to leverage advanced technology, work far more efficiently, and develop strategies in ways that were never before anticipated. Investigators want to solve crimes, protect communities and make the world a better place. They want tools to help carry out that mission. But traditional investigative work has lost its efficacy. With the Telmate system and its multi-dynamic uses, investigators now have the ability to run more, and increasingly sophisticated investigations.

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