“We are proud to partner with Trinity to offer our customers a paperless, convenient and efficient way to provide commissary ordering using Telmate Tablets,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen. Telmate Tablets are wireless, corrections-grade, 7″ tablets designed for inmate commissary ordering as well as other services such as educational resources, legal research, messaging, photo sharing and entertainment.

For inmates, commissary ordering using Telmate Tablet technology simplifies the process of purchasing daily necessities including everything from soap and snacks to socks, and more. For facilities, automating this service allows them to control and monitor items being taken in and out of pods, which aids in the both the detection and prevention of contraband.

According to Trinity Vice President of Technology Solutions, Patrick Tolliver, facilities find in-pod kiosks to be expensive and limiting. But with the Telmate Tablet, these facilities now have the option to provide multiple devices per pod, increasing the ability for inmates to access their accounts and order commissary.

“The Telmate Tablet shared model is ideal for the needs of the jail population,” Tolliver said, “making it easier for inmates to communicate with friends and family while giving them the freedom to query their commissary balances and order status.” He added that the real-time access, flexibility and freedom is simply not available with any other device on the market.

For more information about Telmate, please visit https://www.telmate.com.


About Telmate:
Telmate is the fastest growing provider of inmate phones and video visitation, secure messaging, mobile applications, inmate tablets and investigator tools. Telmate’s cutting-edge platforms are deployed in over 300 correctional facilities in North America spanning nearly all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Telmate is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To find out more about Telmate, visit https://www.telmate.com.

About Trinity:
Trinity Services Group is the nation’s largest provider of food service, commissary and technology services dedicated to the corrections industry. Trinity provides support services to nearly 1,000 correctional facilities across 44 states and the Caribbean.

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