Since 2002, Sumner County Recovery Court has been helping nonviolent substance-abusing offenders, and those with co-dependent disorders from drug addiction and crime, to community reintegration. The organization does this by a process of referral for enrollment into drug court with intensive supervision, treatment and ancillary services. “Linking enrollees to substance abuse programs has proved to be effective for increasing participation and decreasing criminal recidivism,” said Sumner County Recovery Court Director Tracye Bryant, “and Telmate Guardian is the kind of technology that will aid us in this process.”

The newly adopted Telmate Guardian app is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, and requires no new hardware or equipment for case managers and enrollees, making it a low cost, robust and easy to use monitoring solution. Guardian offers case managers real-time supervision, easy to read reports, and check-in controls, along with features like photos, voiceprints, and location compliance zones that make it simple to actively pinpoint and supervise enrollees.

Case managers simply create an account online and provide a unique PIN to the enrollee; the enrollee then downloads the app and signs in. Based on their program, enrollees are prompted to check in by reading a series of randomized numbers. Voice and facial detection confirm the check-in as successful. All check-ins are reported and delivered to the case manager, which adds unprecedented human insight for case managers, who can determine not only where enrollees are, but how they are. Additionally, case managers can easily increase supervision coverage as a result of Telmate Guardian.

“Telmate Guardian is a win/win for community corrections,” said Telmate Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen. “Case managers get a simple, powerful way to add a layer of effective monitoring, and enrollees get a modern, familiar and dignified solution that supports them getting out and staying out.”

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About Sumner County Recovery Court:
Sumner County Adult Recovery Court represents the coordinated efforts of the judiciary, prosecution, defense bar, probation, law enforcement, treatment, mental health, social services, and child protection services to actively and forcefully intervene and break the cycle of substance, abuse, addiction, and crime.

About Telmate: Telmate is the fastest growing provider of inmate phones and video visitation, secure messaging, mobile applications, inmate tablets and investigator tools. Telmate’s cutting-edge platforms are deployed in over 300 correctional facilities in North America spanning nearly all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Telmate is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To find out more about Telmate, visit

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