BALTIMORE, MD, JUNE 29, 2015 – A Lake County Indiana Jail panel of experts will introduce how they are leveraging smart jail technology today as part of an interactive panel discussion called, “Enhancing Security and Control with Mobile Technology” at the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) Conference. Smart jails like Lake County use the latest in corrections technology from companies like Telmate to address security and control issues and increase operational efficiencies.

“This panel is about how jails are working smarter, and not harder, using mobile access technologies like the Telmate Tablet,” said Telmate Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen. “We hope to showcase Lake County’s innovative approach, so others can learn from their success.”

The interactive session will demonstrate how Lake County leverages technology to address their facility’s growing needs for enhanced security and control. Correctional and security experts include: Jail Administrator, Mark Purevich; Detective Sergeant, Jamie Harris; and Lake County Mental Health Director, Dr. Shaun Wehle. Moderating the panel is Telmate Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen.

“I can do investigative work on the fly with Telmate’s suite of investigator tools,” Harris said, “and paint a picture of what is going on in an inmate’s life.” According to Harris, he can connect the dots between accomplices, partners, friends and even enemies. This helps Lake County prevent criminal activity, detect the entry of contraband into the jail, and thwart inmate violence (to others and themselves).

For Dr. Wehle, the introduction of mobile technology for inmates has had a significant impact on their behavior and well-being. “It’s imperative for us to detect behavioral tendencies to prevent inmates from doing harm toward themselves or others,” said Wehle, “but more importantly, Telmate allows us to be more proactive in managing inmate behavior with its wide range of communications tools, entertainment content and information resources.”

Jail Administrator Purevich noted that automated features like inmate grievances and requests, along with content such as a law library, help eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming staff administrative tasks. This ultimately creates a more efficient and less legally vulnerable system for his staff. He added: “At Lake County, we pride ourselves in having the synergy and strategy needed to sustain our growing needs, and Telmate technology has been the catalyst for us to manage our jail safely and effectively.”

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