Corrections technology leader Telmate announced today the launch of Telmate Guardian — the most innovative, smartphone-based, GPS monitoring solution for community corrections, including parole, probation, pre-trial, and work release. Community corrections programs typically oversee offenders outside of jail or prisons and are administered under the authority of the criminal justice system.

Guardian is simple for both case manager and enrollee to use. Case managers set up a new user online and provide a unique PIN to the enrollee. Enrollees download the app and sign up. Based on their program, enrollees are prompted to check in by reading a random series of numbers. Voice and facial detection then confirm the check-in as successful. All check-ins are reported and delivered to the case manager.

Telmate Guardian offers case managers real-time monitoring, reports, and check-in controls, along with features like voice and facial detection, and geo zones (inclusion and exclusion zones), making it simple to actively pinpoint and supervise enrollees. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, and requires no new hardware or equipment for case managers and enrollees, making it a low cost, robust, and easy to use monitoring solution. Additionally, Guardian technology eliminates the time-consuming need for case workers to sift through dense emails and faxes. The secure technology gives jail administrators, courts, and parole and probation departments confidence that they are utilizing the most advanced, innovative, effective and secure solution on the market today.

For offenders in community corrections, a smartphone is more discreet and far less embarrassing and limiting for employment and other aspects of re-entry than traditional hardware-based solutions like an ankle monitor. What’s more, because Guardian is a modern mobile app solution, it is familiar and comfortable for enrollees. Guardian fosters healthy enrollee independence and decision making, which supports a more effective re-entry.

“Telmate Guardian is the perfect win/win application. For case managers they get a simple, powerful way to add a layer of monitoring,” said Telmate Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hansen. “Conversely, enrollees get a modern, familiar and dignified solution that supports them getting out and staying out.”

Today, there is an increasing demand to get people out of jail due to costs, overcrowding, early release, and more. But there is also a societal cost if they are in the community without enough supervision. As a result, due to the large numbers of clients being returned to society, community corrections is the growing market in need of effective tools to help with the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders back into society.

Telmate Guardian keeps communities safe by offering effective, intelligent GPS monitoring to a population of lower risk offenders who are either not currently monitored through some form of electronic home monitoring (such as traditional ankle bracelets), or who are only monitored through passive supervision (such as phone calls, drop-ins, or periodic meetings).

Telmate will be featuring the new Guardian technology in their booth at the American Jail Association’s 34th Annual Conference this week in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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