Twenty-year-old volunteer Reuben Garcia went back home to his stomping grounds to teach an Introduction to Information Technology class to a group of Boys & Girls Club participants. Each month, two volunteers lead these classes as part of their employer’s community outreach initiative, Telmate Cares.

Telmate, a leading inmate communications provider, was founded in Ontario over 10 years ago. The company is now the third largest and fastest growing inmate communications provider in the United States.

Much like his company’s humble beginnings, Garcia has roots in the community. Born and raised in Ontario, it was a pivotal moment for Garcia to teach this class to youth in the Boys and Girls Club. “Growing up, I had very few role models who helped me become the person I am today. It is humbling to have the opportunity to give back and do this for the kids.”

At an early age, Garcia had a big interest in technology and found himself learning more and more about computers in middle school. “We didn’t have a computer growing up, but one of our teachers was generous enough to give us one,” he recalled, “and that’s where my interest in computers began.”

Garcia currently works in the Production Support Department at the Telmate Ontario office as one of their youngest and most promising team members. With perseverance and determination, Garcia worked his way from being a call center representative to becoming an IT coordinator in just one year.

Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hansen said, “Giving back to the community has been a big part of our company’s culture and Telmate Cares is a perfect example of how our employees take it upon themselves to do what they can in support of our mission.”

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