In honor of the holiday season and the New Year, Telmate is offering inmates two free phone calls and one free remote video visit in the facilities for which it provides voice and video communications services. This adds up to over 2.5 million minutes of free phone calling time, and is the seventh year in a row that Telmate has offered free communications services for the holidays.

Studies have continually shown that frequent communications between inmates and their friends and family can help to lower the rate of inmate recidivism. While the cost of providing inmate communications services in a secure and safe manner can sometimes limit an inmate’s ability to maintain contact, Telmate wants to make sure that every inmate has the ability to connect with their loved ones during the holidays.

“At Telmate, we are driven by the goal of leveraging technology to enable inmate communications in a safe and secure manner, and to provide tools that will lower recidivism and help to make time spent behind bars as productive as possible. We recognize that during the holiday season, having a loved one behind bars can be particularly difficult,” said Richard Torgersrud, CEO of Telmate. “We hope that by providing free phone calls and video visits to inmates in the facilities for which we serve ensures that every family can stay in touch.”

Telmate is the leader in providing remote video visitation services in the corrections industry. In facilities where Telmate provides video visitation services, in addition to the two free phone calls, inmates will also receive one free remote video visit. This will enable inmates to make contact with friends or family members who may otherwise not be able to visit them at the facility where they are in custody. With Telmate’s remote visitation system, friend and family members can visit with their incarcerated loved one using their personal computer or mobile device from the comfort of their own home.

About Telmate

Telmate is the third largest and fastest growing inmate communication systems provider in the United States, and is a leader in customer service and cutting-edge technologies including video visitation, secure messages & photo sharing, mobile applications and facility investigator tools. The Telmate communication system is deployed in nearly 250 facilities throughout 43 U.S. states, and two Canadian provinces. Telmate is headquartered in Ontario, Oregon with an additional office in San Francisco, California. To find out more about Telmate visit

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