The Telmate Tablet is a secure, wireless device specifically designed for correctional facilities that transforms the way inmates spend their time and helps improve public safety.

The tablet allows inmates to communicate with their friends and family using the modern methods they’re familiar with, including secured messaging, wall posts, photo sharing and video messages, all at no cost to the general public. But the tablet is more than a 21st century communication device. It offers inmates the opportunity for self-improvement and personal development and a chance to use their time for something constructive.

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Telmate Tablet

Tablet Benefits

Educational Resources


Content Available on the Telmate Tablet

Continuing Education & G.E.D.

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Spiritual Guidance

Language Training

Music & Entertainment

Job & Life Skills

Legal Research


Library of eBooks

Secure Web Browsing

Facility Benefits

Security & Control

A reduction in inmate movement means fewer confrontations, a decrease in violence, and less opportunity for distributing contraband. The TelmateTablet improves facility security and control by reducing inmate escorts to the law library, medical, and visitation, and by eliminating potential conflict with other inmates in transport as well as contraband passed by physical mail and photos. In addition, the Telmate Tablet is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that helps calm bored, angry, and agitated inmates with engaging, educational and entertaining content,  all translating into a powerful new way for staff to leverage and improve inmate behavior.

Data Gathering

For investigators, information is power and the more an inmate communicates with the outside, the more data Telmate captures, digitally stores, and makes available to authorized personnel. The TelmateTablet adds a valuable touch point to the Telmate communications platform, offering new ways to understand and investigate inmates.

Investigator Tools

The TelmateTablet increases an inmate’s ability to communicate on Telmate’s secure digital platform, which means facility investigators will have more information about who inmates are and who they are communicating with on the outside. When using the TelmateTablet in conjunction with TelmateInvestigator, our suite of investigator tools, facility staff will gain even more actionable data to uncover and strengthen their investigation.

Operational Efficiencies

The TelmateTablet helps automate repetitive high-cost administrative tasks, allowing staff more time to focus on what’s important: security and control. With the Telmate Tablet, inmate’s can schedule their own video visits, file requests digitally, manage their own funds, check messages, and communicate in a wide variety of new ways, increasing facility staff efficiency.

Facility Security Features

At Telmate, security is our first and foremost concern. And our transformative technologies, like the TelmateTablet, are no exception. From the hardware itself and the operating system that it runs on, to the network it connects to and the added security features it enables, the TelmateTablet is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool in the corrections industry.


Under the hood, the Telmate Tablet is a state-of-the-art Google Nexus tablet. The handheld device weighs just 10 ounces. The device  is protected with one of several case options, including a clear security case and a rugged sealed case.

Operating System

On the device itself, Telmate has installed a highly secure, custom built ROM, based on the latest version of the Android operating system.  This locked down Android approach is similar to what you see in newer military communication handsets.  All available applications have either been custom designed or carefully screened by Telmate for correctional use.

Secure Wireless Network

The Telmate Tablet communicates over an ultra-secure wireless network, with a host of high tech security features.  Each Telmate Tablet connects over its own Virtual Private Network. Once connected, all inmate wireless communications are encrypted and all data packets are filtered before they leave the facility.  For facility staff, detailed activity is available for each tablet and each user, and is recorded and available from Telmate Command Center. All tablet applications can be remotely added, updated and instantaneously locked with just a few clicks, and if inmate privileges have been restricted in the facility J.M.S. they are automatically restricted on the tablet.

Staff Security Features

The Telmate Tablet offers facilities and staff several strategic security features and benefits.  Cameras and microphones may be activated on the device, as needed, enhancing surveillance, and the network’s Wi-Fi triangulation ability allows staff to track the specific location of devices within the facility.  Also, the Telmate Tablet decreases the need for staff escorts and automates administrative tasks, freeing up staff to focus on what’s important: security.  Using Telmate Biometrics, the tablet automatically verifies the voice and face of all inmates.

Three Types of Tablets

Wall-Mounted Tablets

Wall Mounted Tablets are fixed devices designed specifically for use in high risk areas.

Individual Tablets

Individually distributed personal tablets can only be activated with a single PIN. These tablets feature a prominent name & photo of the designated inmate on the PIN entry screen to prevent user fraud and offer no video visitation capability.

Group Shared Tablets

Group Shared Tablets are restricted to users with valid PINs in a single access zone. Access to individual apps and app categories are restricted by PIN, so all individual data is segregated by user. This means everything from apps, to websites, to video game high scores and desktop patterns are specific to each inmate. Group shared tablets do not offer video visitation capability.