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Telmate Guardian is currently in the process of building out a network of companies to facilitate the delivery and management of our smartphone-based GPS monitoring solution. Telmate is revolutionizing community corrections and now is the time to join the team.

The Benefits of Partnership


Telmate Guardian is produced by Telmate, a leading provider of secure corrections and community corrections solutions in the United States and Canada. From product design to engineering to support to customer service, Telmate Guardian runs on industry leading experience, talent and know-how. With Telmate Guardian, we bring the best technology solutions to community corrections to help case managers do more with less.


As a Telmate Guardian Partner you not only have access to the most modern monitoring solution, but you also join our team of account managers, marketing and PR strategists, and 24/7/365 bilingual customer service support.


Telmate Guardian Partners receive preliminary and ongoing training including on-site sessions and remote on-demand classes. Telmate also offers partners 24/7 customer support teams for daily training issues.


To get our partners up and running we have crafted a comprehensive three month program that takes you step by step through engagement, sales and marketing, demo, deal structure and client launch.


From tradeshows, to campaigns, to PR, our corporate marketing department always supports our partners by building the Telmate Guardian brand.

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