We believe transformative change happens when we remain steadfast in our mission to…

…lower recidivism by increasing inmate communications with positive influences on the outside, while providing inmates access to productive content on the inside.

Study after study shows
the more an inmate connects to their outside community, the less likely they are to reoffend.

As a result, every Telmate initiative is aimed at making connections simple, affordable, and convenient.

We openly and honestly acknowledge correctional facilities can be very dangerous places for both staff and inmates.
So Telmate fearlessly focuses on innovative technologies that not only increase security and control, but help keep inmates, facilities, and communities safe. 

We are also deeply committed to supporting and honoring those on the front lines of corrections and law enforcement through our community outreach programs Telmate Cares,
Telmate Heroes, and
Telmate Fallen Heroes.

With a current jail and prison population of 2.2 million people, we have a responsibility to create inspired products that not only keep facilities safe, but ultimately help inmates get out and stay out.