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Telmate’s investigator toolkit is a powerful, technologically-advanced suite of tools that provides actionable intelligence helping law enforcement prevent and solve crime.

Modern investigators demand technology that is efficient, interactive, and easy to use. They want tools that search through vast amounts of data and deliver digestible and actionable information that’s right at their fingertips. This is why we developed Telmate Investigator – a technologically advanced and powerful suite of tools that makes it easy to identify connections, analyze inmate’s personal networks, and gain unprecedented crime fighting intelligence.

The Telmate Difference

Included With Every Installation
Telmate Investigator is included free with every installation. While others may charge extra, or manipulate commissions for their investigator tools, Telmate feels powerful crime-fighting tools have a massive impact on the safety of facilities and communities and must be included for all clients in every installation.

Telmate Verified
Telmate Investigator features Telmate Verified the industry’s only automated identity verification system that tracks every user and action within the Telmate system, including phone calls, deposits, video visits, messages, and shared photos. Telmate Verified is a force multiplier giving one investigator the strength and capability of five.

Telmate Face & Voice Biometrics
Telmate has the most comprehensive and accurate biometric solution on the market. It is the ultimate investigation tool that helps identify and flag all unap- proved inmate video visit participants.

Designed, Built & Supported In-House
Most companies simply buy third party solutions and force an integration with their system. Telmate Inves- tigator, like all Telmate products, integrates seamlessly with all our products because it is designed, built and supported by our in-house team of elite engineers.

What Investigators are Saying

Commander Mike Anderson

“The use of the system has yielded investigative leads and evidence of continued or additional criminal activity being conducted by the defendants. Some of the cases included Homicide. Violations of Domestic Violence, no contact orders, and numerous White Collar Crimes.”

Commander Mike AndersonClark County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Douglas Carter

“The system provides the jail staff with access to large amounts of information and all calls can easily monitored as they occur in real time.”

Sheriff Douglas CarterHamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Rob Gordon (Retired)

“The system makes it easy to discover attempted or ongoing criminal behavior early on, allowing us to intervene and take appropriate action.”

Sheriff Rob Gordon (Retired)Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Todd Anderson

“The information that the Telmate system has collected, has not only sealed complex cases, but provided necessary information for convictions in many cases, including murder and drug cases in Tillamook County.”

Sheriff Todd AndersonTillamook County Sheriff’s Office
Lieutenant Rick Archer

“With the use of the Telmate system, I have made felony cases, solved felony cases, located needed evidence, identified witnesses, obtained incriminating statements from defendants, the list goes on and on.”

Lieutenant Rick ArcherDecatur Police Department
Sheriff John Buncich

“Telmate’s advanced investigation capabilities, and our increase in call volume, has lead to the discovery of important from recorded inmate calls, including the discovery of jail smuggling ring and their methods.”

Sheriff John BuncichLake County Sheriff’s Office
Sergeant Keith Hall

“The accuracy of the 3-way call detection and automatic rating of the ‘risk’ of a particular phone number is something that I have not seen in any other product.”

Sergeant Keith HallKitsap County Sheriff’s Office


Call Pattern Analysis

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Contact Analysis

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Communication Timeline

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Cell Phone Data Extraction

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Relationship Analysis

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Visualization Tools

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Call Destination Mapping

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Live Call & Visit Monitoring

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Call and Video Playback

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Inmate & Contact Profiles

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Voice & Image Biometrics

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3-Way Call Detection

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Evidence Reporting

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Configurable Alarms & Alerts

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Web Based Application

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Inmate Charges

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The Telmate Investigator Suite of Tools

Timeline Tool

The Telmate Timeline Tool compiles an inmate’s history into a single sortable history. All data can be filtered and sorted, and can easily be exported as PDF documents for trial exhibits. The Timeline Tool combines booking information, calls, voicemail, video visits, deposits, messages and photos.

Connection Tool

We know that investigators spend a huge amount of time combing through visitation logs, phone records and deposit records to determine who your residents are in contact with. Our Connections Tool leverages inmate communications activity with Telmate Verified to identify an inmate’s personal networks and to highlight suspicious activity.

3-Way Call Handling

Telmate has the most comprehensive and accurate 3-way call detection system in the industry. With Telmate, suspected 3-way calls are automatically flagged and all suspected 3-way calls are reviewed by live Telmate operators in less than 5 minutes.

Cell Phone Data Extraction

Through our exclusive partnership with Access Data (the same technology utilized by the FBI and DOD), with a warrant or consent, all inmate cell phone data can be seamlessly imported into Telmate Investigator for instant evaluation and analysis.

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