Telmate Guardian is a technically advanced, low-cost smartphone-based, GPS monitoring solution for community corrections including pre-trial, work release, probation and parole.

Guardian requires no new hardware for case manager or enrollee, and features innovative face and voice detection technology. Guardian gives jail administrators, courts, and parole and probation departments confidence that they are utilizing the most innovative, effective and secure monitoring solution on the market.

The Community Corrections Challenge

In the past few years, as a result of federal court cases and public elections, there has been a shift from “hard bed” corrections to “community corrections.” States across the country have been mandated to release thousands of prisoners due to overcrowding and voter initiatives that are reducing felonies to misdemeanors. As a result, due to the large numbers of clients being returned to society, community corrections is the growing corrections market in need of effective tools to help with the rehabilitation and reintegrating of clients back into society. It has become clear that as a society, we cannot continue to house all offenders in hard beds, and therefore we must find effective, efficient and affordable ways to keep released offenders under effective supervision.

The Telmate Guardian Solution

Today, a large amount of individuals on probation or parole don’t get an expensive ankle bracelet and are not monitored except for periodic phone calls or in-person visits. Telmate Guardian offers an effective, innovative, and low cost smartphone-based solution that captures a wealth of GPS information for those clients currently under minimal supervision. Guardian not only helps case managers do more with less, it also provides clients a discreet and familiar mobile app solution that supports increased participation, while raising person- al confidence. Guardian is not simply a competitor of traditional electronic home detention (EHD); it is a much more robust system that offers offenders an assistive technology to successfully reintegrate into society. Guardian aids in re-entry by fostering enrollee freedom, trust, independence and dignity, all with a supportive, firm, and secure touch. Guardian is simple for case managers and enrollees to use and gives unmatched customization, control and reporting around when, where, and how often clients check in.

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More About Guardian

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Case Manager Benefits

Monitor More Enrollees

Guardian makes it simple for case managers to actively monitor more individuals.

Increase Information

Active check-ins and automatic device reporting provide a powerful increase in information and critical, ongoing insight into an individual’s movements and locations.

Maintaining Public Safety

Guardian keeps communities safe by offering effective GPS monitoring to those currently under minimal supervision.

Geo Zones

Case managers can easily designate multiple inclusion and exclusion zones. If an enrollee enters or leaves a Geo Zone, the case manager is alerted, while the enrollee gets an audible warning followed by a check-in request. As a result, Guardian not only enforces set boundaries, but also helps case managers verify if the enrollee corrected their behavior or ignored the check-in.

Efficient Dashboard Screen

Guardian’s dashboard makes all violation data available in real-time, eliminating the time-consuming need for case managers to sift through dense emails and faxes.

The Most Advanced Controls

Case managers have real-time controls to request immediate or future check-ins, and to make overall monitoring program adjustments.

Cost Savings

Less than the cost of most ankle and GPS monitoring devices on the market today. Enrollees use a smartphone thereby minimizing costs associated with hardware inventory, support and replacement.

Optional Escalation Procedures

If desired, Guardian offers case managers the ability to set custom escalation procedures such as alerts and calls for designated enrollees.

Print and Export Data and Reports

Guardian makes it simple and fast to print or export reports to support enrollee violations with the courts.

User Friendly

For case managers, Telmate Guardian is fully web-based and mobile, offering complete access via personal computer or smartphone.

No Software or Hardware Required

Case managers can access Telmate Guardian from any device with a web browser, and Guardian can be installed on any smartphone.

Continuous Updates

Guardian features regular updates to ensure enrollees have access to the latest features and functionality. Updates are done overnight and require no staff involvement.

Oversight and Auditing Tools

Guardian’s administrative auditing tools make it possible to supervise the actions of both case managers and enrollees at any time, making it perfect for supervisors and directors.

Simple, Fast Setup

With a few clicks, case managers can add a new enrollee and configure a custom monitoring program. For enrollees, setup means simply downloading and logging into the mobile app.

Enrollee Benefits

Less Humiliating for Supervised Individuals

A phone is far less embarrassing and limiting than an ankle monitor for public situations such as employment, school and church.

Works With Android & Apple Smartphones

For a vast majority of individuals, Guardian requires no new equipment and enables simple, painless check-ins.

Mobile is Familiar

Guardian provides the newest generation of enrollees a familiar, mobile monitoring solution including voice and image verified check-ins and notifications.

Documentation Support

If an enrollee feels that he/she has been unfairly penalized or targeted by their assigned agent, this system supports transparency with documentation and full audit trails.

Limited Bandwidth Requirements

Guardian requires only a small amount of data bandwidth so check-ins still work with most carriers even after the user’s monthly data allowance has been exceeded. Each check-in requires approximately 500kb of data bandwidth (0.5 mb), which means that under a maximum usage scenario (5 check-ins per day without the use of WiFi), the data requirements would be approximately 78 mb.

How it Works

  • 1. Enroll/Install Smartphone Application

    A case manager sets up a new user online, and provides a unique PIN to the enrollee. The enrollee installs the Android or iOS application on their smartphone, and enters their unique PIN to get started.

  • 2. Enrollees are Prompted to Check In

    Enrollees receive a smartphone notification at random intervals prompting a “check-in.” Enrollees respond to check-in alerts by speaking a random series of numbers while multiple photos are taken. The frequency of check-ins is set by the case manager, and check-ins may also be triggered manually, at any time.

  • 3. Face & Voice Detection

    The voice recording and photos from each check-in are immediately available for review to ensure an accurate, positive match.

  • 4. Device Location Monitoring

    Guardian features GPS device monitoring where the enrollee’s smartphone automatically reports its location at configurable intervals throughout each day, providing additional reporting in between required enrollee check-ins.

  • 5. Staff Tracking/Alarms

    Using browser-based mapping and analysis software, all checkins are tracked, logged and measured against the individual’s custom parameters. Staff may opt to receive immediate alarms if individuals violate any term of their monitoring agreement. Printable summaries are available for case review.

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