Inmate Phone & Communications Leader, Telmate launches, a New Friends & Family Website

San Francisco, CA, May 2013 – Telmate, a leading provider of inmate phone and communications systems, today launched, a new website devoted specifically to connecting friends and family with incarcerated loved ones or friends.

In addition to educating friends and family about GettingOut’s complete communications offering including phone calls, video visitation, secure email and wall posts, and photo sharing, was designed with the user experience firmly in mind as it makes it simple for friends and family to make deposits into an inmate’s account and schedule visits. Also, the site gives users access to helpful Frequently Asked Questions and other articles and resources designed to support the best customer experience.

“Our goal has always been to provide the best communications products to help friends and family connect with inmates,” said Telmate CEO Richard Torgersrud. “With our aim is to receive friends and family in a friendly environment and make it simple for them to connect with their loved ones or friends.”

About GettingOut & Telmate
GettingOut is the friends and family brand of Telmate. Telmate is one of the fastest growing inmate telephone and communication systems in the United States, and is a leader in customer service and cutting-edge technologies including video visitation, secure message & photo sharing, and facility investigator tools. The Telmate communications system is deployed in over 243 facilities throughout 43 U.S. states, and two Canadian provinces. Telmate has offices in San Francisco, CA and Ontario, Oregon.
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