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Telmate Tablets — Improving Facility Safety & Inmate Behavior

The Telmate Tablet is a secure, wireless device specifically designed for correctional facilities, that transforms inmate interactions. It brings a new wave of benefits to facility staff and inmates, which is further proof that well-designed, modern technology can advance both correctional operations and inmate well-being.

With its detention-safe operating system and network, the Telmate Tablet is more than just a 21st century device. The tablet monitors inmate behavior, further enhancing security and control. It also offers inmates the opportunity for self-improvement and personal development, as well as a chance to use their time for something constructive. And the Telmate Tablet is offered at no cost to facilities or local governments.

Telmate Tablets Improve Inmate Behavior and Make Facilities Safer

At first, our customers embraced the Telmate Tablet for the advancements in inmate communications, managing requests and grievances, and efficient content delivery. Now with over a year of data from dozens of facilities across the country, a much more significant and attractive benefit has emerged. Facilities are noting significant decreases in inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-staff assaults as well as a general reduction in rule and behavior code violations.

Whether inmates behave better for the privilege of tablet use, or that the device itself is enjoyable to use, one thing is certain—the Telmate Tablet is proving to be far more than just a communications technology innovation.

Building Responsibility and Reducing Staff Risk

For many inmates a lack of choice and responsibility are often the most painful and aggravating elements of incarceration. It’s human nature to crave some sense of control of one’s life and surroundings, so this lack of choice and control can contribute to inmate anger and hostility. Telmate Tablets are managed independently of facility staff, so inmates regain small, safe areas of choice and responsibility, which promotes positive behavior, has a calming effect on inmate social dynamics, and reduces overall risk for staff.

Reducing Pressure and Stress from the Corrections Environment

When a person is locked up the perception of time changes and minutes seem like hours. This expansion of time creates stress for the inmates and this charged environment is hazardous for both inmates and staff. The Telmate Tablet is an inmate-facing device that allows for a series of daily interactions that actually settles the corrections environment by helping inmates turn long stretches of idle, negative time into active, engaging, and constructive time. The result is a calmer, less anxious, and less aggressive inmate population.

Tablet Security

Security Goes Wireless

At Telmate we know that every facility’s number one priority is security, safety and control, and our transformative technologies, like the Telmate Tablet, are no exception. From the hardware itself and the operating system that it runs on, to the network it connects to and the added security features it enables, the Telmate Tablet is rapidly becoming a trusted and indispensable tool in the corrections industry.

Operating System

Highly-Secure Customized Android ROM

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Telmate Gatekeeper

At the center of Telmate’s network security solution is Telmate Gatekeeper, a full featured collection of security access control software. All network traffic is processed by Telmate Gatekeeper, and only requests and responses that meet predefined requirements are allowed to pass.

Telmate Gatekeeper is well tested and has been used to manage all network traffic to and from Telmate Stations since 2010. Today it is used for both Telmate Stations (video visit stations) and Telmate Tablets.

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