Products and Solutions

Our suite of products designed specifically for facilities to maximize control and security, increase operating efficiencies, and solve crimes.

Telmate Command Center

Telmate Command Center is the hub of the communications platform for facility staff. From any computer with a Web connection and authorization clearance, facility staff can log in to Telmate Command Center and have total access to the management system with complete control of inmate communication and account management.

Telmate Verified

Telmate Verified is the industry’s only automated verification system that captures and confirms the identity of every person who interacts with an inmate. While most inmate communication systems track some user identities, Telmate Verified is the only system in corrections that tracks every user and action, including phone calls, deposits, video visits, messages, and
shared photos. From the initial point of contact to every subsequent interaction, Telmate Verified is automatically building comprehensive user profiles so you’ll always know who, did what, when, and from where.

Telmate Investigator

Our system’s suite of investigator tools is a powerful, technologically-advanced crime-fighting kit that helps law enforcement officials, district attorneys and detectives reduce crime, solve criminal cases and reduce court costs.

Telmate Investigator features a “Connections” tool that takes user actions like phone calls, voicemail, visits and deposits and creates powerful relationship networks which uncover suspicious contacts. Telmate Investigator also features a “Timeline” tool that compiles a simple-to-browse-and-digest chronology of all inmate actions from booking to release.

Telmate Investigator includes:

  • Call Pattern Analysis
  • Contact Analysis
  • Communication Timeline
  • Automated Alarms
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Predictive Relationship Analysis
  • Relationship Visualization Tools
  • Call Destination Mapping
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Call and Video Playback
  • Inmate and Contact Profiles
  • Voice and Image Biometrics
  • 3-Way Call Detection
  • Evidence Reporting
  • Configurable Alarms and Alerts

Telmate Reports

The Telmate system is fully auditable, meaning facility staff and investigators can run custom reports on every aspect of inmate communications including calls, visits, deposits, relationships, billing and so much more. With Telmate Reports, system activity is just a click away ensuring staff and investigators are always in the know and in control.

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